What is an engagement session?

An engagement session is the perfect to document your love story with imagery that will allow you to travel back to this special time in your lives. They not only allow you to be creative and explore your comfort zones infant of the camera before the big day but are a great way to build a strong rapport with us and allow us to understand your chemistry and love language ahead of the big day celebrations. Everyone has a different love language after all.

Lots of our couples choose to have their engagement sessions on a special date - perhaps the one you met on or a one year countdown to the big day. It's a great opportunity to create some content for your save the dates, wedding websites or even to have on displayed on your beautiful day. It truly creates a personal and unique storytelling feel to your wedding and something your guests will enjoy.

What should we expect at our engagement session?

We pride ourselves in creating natural storytelling moments. We don't have a one style for all approach and unlike some, adapt and bend ourselves to suit your comfort zones and expressions without compromising our finished look. Which is fundamentally what you've booked us for. We try hard not to stage interactions but prompt and guide you to create real moments with real emotion yourselves. With encouragement, you will be surprised how easy this feels. You are just being you after all. That is the true beauty of it.

If you are a couple who are adventurous and outgoing we aren't going to suggest having you stood static barely touching as that would feel restrictive for your type of personality - However, on the flip of this some couples are less inclined to show public displays of affection and so we would tailor the directions and guidance to achieve something you are comfortable with. We do this by being fully present and aware. Taking in how you react and move in certain moments helping to ensure on your special day we get everything right.

Date, time, location?

First things first - Date. We will find a date that has significance to you or works with your lifestyle and personal commitments. It is important that this doesn't feel stressful. It is to be an enjoyable experience and one we hope you will cherish with one another. Engagement sessions are available Monday - Thursday with the occasional Friday dependant on weddings booked in. Due to heavy wedding schedules. weekends aren't available.

Once we have figured out a date we then look into times. Now, timings can be tricky with work life schedules but fundamentally the time of the session is really determined by the location and the time of the year. Sunset in the winter can be as early at 4pm with summer being as late as 9pm. If we decided to be within the city we would also look the sun before it sets limiting our light source. These are just things to consider.

So then our location blends in quite nicely here. Generally people like to have their engagement sessions at a place that means something. Choosing a place that is special to you makes your engagement pictures even more impactful. If you're not sure where you'd like to have your session or you'd like to do something different then we have it all under control. Using a questionnaire we can plan and style the perfect engagement session for you. Remember sometimes, you don't have to do what you see on Pinterest or instagram you can make up your own rules.

can i bring my children or dog?

Ideally this is a chance for you to have some intimate special time together and something very little people priorities due to work life balance however, we are very aware that these days having pictures with your children or pets can also be a rarity. It is sometimes a very special moment for those we are most close to and in a monumental moment in your children's lives too.. So, as mothers we do welcome you to include them if you wish too. We will try to use the hour to get a balanced amount of each relationship with it focused around the engagement for-most. We do recommend if bringing your dog that you do organise a helper just so that once we've got those shots you can still have some time together without the worry of letting them off the lead or having to pick up their mess half way through your shoot.